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August’s nursery by pnmag a / b / c / […]

August's nursery
August’s nursery by pnmag
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August’s mom is the talented owner and art director of A Printable Press. If you like what she did in August’s nursery, you’ll love what she does here.
Violet and Lucy's bedroom
Violet and Lucy’s bedroom by pnmag on Polyvore
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Violet and Lucy’s mom has an Etsy shop called Gingiber. Admire her darling creations here.
Gabriel's nursery
Gabriel’s nursery by pnmag
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SISSY + MARLEY is a NYC-based boutique baby planner and concierge service. You can find them here.
Ruby's nursery
Ruby’s nursery by pnmag
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Ruby’s mom is the brilliant blogger behind Oh Joy. Get your daily dose of adorableness here.
Daphne's nursery
Daphne’s nursery by pnmag
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Daphne’s mom is a jewelry broker, designer and owner of Candy Shop Vintage. Like her style? There’s more here.

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