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It seems that most parenting products fall into two categories: […]

It seems that most parenting products fall into two categories: they’re either ultra sleek and modern, or very bright and childish—if your taste falls somewhere in-between, it can be hard to find gear you really love.
Well, if you’re one of those parents who is stuck in baby gear limbo, consider your search for the perfect bouncer to be complete. The Combi Pod Bouncer is a wonderful mix of clean, modern lines, with the cozy appeal of bouncers from generations past—it’s one good looking product!
combi podI ordered the Pod bouncer in Chestnut, and was pleased the second I pulled it out of the box. It manages to be both neutral and versatile, without coming across as bland or boring. I love the vintage flare of the toys that hang from the toy bar mixed with the modern appearance of the thin, metal legs. The Pod also features built-in vibration and sound systems (3 AA batteries required), as well as an MP3 player input so you can soothe your little one with your own customized playlist. (That’s right, you only have to torture your ears with chiming ice-cream truck music if you so desire!)
This bouncer has a whole lot more to offer than just looks, though! Each of its pretty pieces has an innovative purpose: The spindly legs actually work with the movement of your baby to help bounce him to sleep, and the control panel for the sound and vibration is located on the back of the bouncer, so you can access them without disturbing baby’s afternoon nap. The toy bar is removable, so your child can have access to play right at his fingertips, or you can take it off to watch him while he is napping. Also, there’s a storage pouch on the back-side of the Pod, which is perfect for keeping track of your iPod or Junior’s favorite toy when you’re on the go.
Combi pod in ChestnutI’m happy to share that on top of being lovely and efficient, the safety and comfort features of this bouncer will not disappoint. The fabric is plush and high-quality, and the hammock-style seat features a two-position recline that will keep your baby incredibly cozy from infancy through 25 pounds. In addition, the 3-point padded harness, slip-resistant feet and lockable bounce feature ensure your baby will be safe and stable while he’s happily cooing his day away.
If you’re looking for a well-rounded, attractive bouncer that’s as much for mom and dad as it is for baby, then this safe, tech-savvy, tasteful Pod bouncer is probably as much up your alley as it is mine!
Price: $80
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