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Soon-to-be mom-of-four Rosie Pope kicked up her famous heels and […]

Soon-to-be mom-of-four Rosie Pope kicked up her famous heels and enjoyed a baby shower thrown by Belly Bandit and Hot Moms Club at the trendy new restaurant Herringbone at Mondrian Los Angeles, Calif.rosie1“I’m mum’s the word,” the Pregnant in Heels star, 34, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop about her baby’s gender. While she’s being secretive about that, Rosie goes on to share her plans for a “flexible birth strategy,” her favorite baby gifts, and the possibility of a fifth child.
rosie2Guests of the posh baby shower enjoyed delicious bites from shortrib sliders to their signature desserts. Rosie was showered with gifts from Playskool , UppaBaby, and Little Giraffe.
rosie4Meanwhile, everyone got an over-the-top gift bag filled with over $500 worth of Belly Bandit and Mother Tucker slimming products, Mama Mio lotions, Mabel’s Labels and even a sneak peek at Rosie’s new Layette line.
rosie6Continue reading Rosie’s exclusive chat with Celebrity Baby Scoop…
CBS: Tell us about the “Sprinkle Party” celebrating your fourth pregnancy hosted by Hollywood Hot Moms & Belly Bandit. What are some of the highlights?
RP: “Of course the sprinkle is going to have candy and mocktails – two must-haves for any sprinkle in my opinion, but also some lavish fare including french fry salads! That’s right, french fries with greens, guacamole, carne asada and even more trimmings.
Also having the beautiful location of Herringbone at the Mondrian hotel made it a mini vacation for me – at least for a few hours. I think it’s great to have showers in places that are fun and vibrant, representing the types of moms we really are. Showers have come a log way and they should be a reflection of you, rather than one of your relatives.
Also the gifts are both for baby but also mom-focused as I really believe showers should be a celebration of both. Happy mom, after all, means happy baby.”
CBS: What are some of your favorite pregnancy and baby products from the party?
RP:  ”My Belly Bandit, of course, so I can get myself back in shape after 4 kids! Plus, having so much stuff already I loved the Playskool toys that will allow all my kids to get involved with the newest member of our family. It was also such a sweet surprise to see my new baby line, which I’m definitely going to make my little one’s first outfit.”
CBS: Have you had success with the Belly Bandit?
RP: “Yes! I’m not a gimmick girl and believe in good tools that really work. The fact is, using my Belly Bandit post-pregnancy for 8 weeks really helped my waistline return and gave me the confidence to do the rest. State of mind is so important in getting back into shape and anything that helps you do that is a great thing.”
CBS: How have you been feeling during your fourth pregnancy? Different than the others?
RP: “To be honest, sometimes I forget I’m pregnant. I feel so blessed that this is an easy pregnancy, but running around all the kids and having been pregnant so much in the last 5 years makes it feels more normal than not.”
CBS: Do you have a birth plan?
RP: “Simply a birth strategy, and that is to do everything I can to bring my baby into this world smoothly and healthfully. Birth is not something you can plan, and I think so many are getting caught up on the experience as opposed to the end result which is a healthy baby. Of course we might want it to go a certain way, hence the strategy, but we always have to be flexible enough to change course if that’s what is right for our baby.”
CBS: Have you thought of any baby names? Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?
RP: “I’m mum’s the word!”
CBS: How do your other three children feel about a new sibling?
RP: “The kids are so excited. They all want to come to the hospital and keep coming up with wild names and want to hear about their birth stories. So cute, and, as of yet, no awkward questions!”
CBS: Did you always plan to have four kids or did it just happen?
RP: “For as long as I can remember, I wanted to have a big family and so did my husband. We didn’t always know if it was going to be possible, so we feel so incredibly blessed that we are having our fourth.”
CBS: Will this child complete your family, or are you leaving the door open for more kids?
RP: “I honestly don’t know. I always want to make sure I can give my kids enough attention and still balance everything, so I’m taking it one step at a time.”
CBS: How are plans coming along for the Rosie Pope baby line?
RP: “Rosie Pope baby launches in March! I am so proud of the innovations that only a mom would think to include, and can’t wait for everyone to see it. Also every piece comes with my signature mommy IQ tips to help parents as they navigate their way through parenting.”
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