Bun in the oven

Written by: Lane Cotton Winn November 04 2012 Are you familiar with the Halloween phenomenon called Trunk-or-Treat? This is an alternative or additional option during the Halloween season for kids to enjoy getting dressed up […]

Written by: Lane Cotton Winn

Are you familiar with the Halloween phenomenon called Trunk-or-Treat? This is an alternative or additional option during the Halloween season for kids to enjoy getting dressed up in their costumes and hitting up grown-ups for more candy. The idea is that a church, synagogue, community organization or other neighborhood group invites its members to gather together in a parking lot, decorate their cars, and hand out candy to the ghosts and goblins who show up. It is a great way for kids to get a little more mileage out of the $49.99 costume that they won’t even fit into by Thanksgiving, and a safe way for the community to gather together.

The church where I am one of the pastors hosts a phenomenal Trunk-or-Treat. We had over 600 kids come last year! Can you imagine how many pounds of candy we handed out? And don’t even get me started on how many tubs of icing we used for all those delicious treats in the cakewalk! Our congregation loves Trunk-or-Treat. We have competitions for the most creative trunk decorations, which helps encourage more people to participate. Gentle, kind-hearted church folks transform into aggressive competitors for this one night—myself included!

With a bun in my oven, husBen and I decided to use that as our theme for this year’s Trunk-or-Treat. I created a simple oven with the lid of a cardboard box, some black spray paint, spray paint can tops for the knobs, and a hamburger bun. HusBen was the Baker.

We had a blast watching people’s faces as they realized what our costumes meant. Some worldly pre-teen dressed as a slightly-too-revealing witch (What’s up with girl’s and women’s Halloween costumes theses days?) would look at her parents and say, “Oh, I get it,” while one Incredible Hulk, after hearing his sister, who “ got it,” shaking his head, said directly to my face, “I do not get it.” He was so disappointed. It seemed that eyeing the hamburger bun affixed to my open belly oven just made him hungry. HusBen assured him, and all the little kiddos, that it would be funny in about 10 years from now.

I wasn’t the only knocked up momma at the festivities. And several new moms pushing strollers, when spotting my costume, cackled like a good Halloween witch should, proclaimed, “Why didn’t I think of that last year!?” Other soon-to-be mom’s proudly sported their basketball bellies, while holding on to their costumed toddler’s hand. The one knocked up costume that really caught my eye had two plastic baby doll arms poking out of the preggo’s tummy, holding on to a tiny Halloween pumpkin. I gotta give it to her. She had guts for sporting that t-shirt. It’s something I saw on Pinterest when looking for costume ideas, but didn’t think would be quite as appropriate for the Associate Pastor to wear—if you know what I mean.

We certainly enjoyed the adult humor of our Trunk-or-Treat experience this year. Who knows what cutesy or crazy idea we will come up with next year with baby in tow. We chatted it up with a lot of new parents, who were out for baby’s first Halloween. Before the night was over, we both got confirmation that we had registered for a really great stroller and got a ton of ideas for how to adorn our little bun next Halloween. I’d say our Baker with his Bun in the Oven costume was a success!

What creative pregnant-lady Halloween costumes did you see this year? Better yet, what costume do you wish you had the guts to pull off while pregnant?

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