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We live in Bend, Oregon, which is widely considered to […]

We live in Bend, Oregon, which is widely considered to be an outdoor wonderland. As such, we were very excited to have a chance to take a look at the Bumbleride Indie 4  because it’s touted as an all-terrain stroller for urban and off-road settings.
Bumbleride Indie 4Like many parents, we conducted a lot of research to find the perfect stroller that ranged from browsing online to talking to folks in the neighborhood. Initially, I thought stroller features began and ended with the ease of storage for my coffee (i.e., a nice cupholder) and a good enough suspension system that said coffee would not spill. The more I learned about strollers, however, the more I realized I had a lot more to consider.
The stroller came in two boxes: one had the main stroller and the other the infant bassinet attachment (more on this later). Assembly was a cinch. Everything goes together in an intuitive fashion and does not require any tools. I must admit, we were pretty amazed the process was so easy.
The Indie 4 is definitely not a small stroller, but it does collapse and unfold easily. Even so, the collapsed stroller still takes up a pretty good chunk of our trunk (we have a midsized SUV), so I imagine it would really fill up even a full-size sedan. Depending on your family’s space constraints, storage is definitely something to keep in mind.
That said, it does fold flatter than many comparable strollers, and when the stroller is collapsed, there are clasps to hold it together to keep it in the closed position. The Indie 4 stands on its own when folded, which is convenient when stowing in a closet or garage.
Bumbleride Indie 4 2The stroller seems well made and durable. The material is easy to wipe down, and you do have the option to remove the entire lining of the stroller to wash more thoroughly. Of course, you wouldn’t want to do this all the time given the few tight spaces you have to squeeze into in order to snap the lining back on; it’s a bit of an undertaking, as it would be on most any stroller, I imagine..
The stroller itself is easy to adjust, including the harness straps and the recline angle. In fact, the recline of the stroller is one of our favorite features! The seat lies completely flat making it great to accommodate a sleepy kid close to nap time. Many strollers we’ve had before have two reclining options, whereas the Bumbleride Indie 4 has endless possibilities via an easily adjusted strap release button on the back of the stroller. I am even able to adjust the recline while my little one is sleeping!
We have had a small issue with the shoulder straps unhooking from the belt straps when the straps aren’t engaged. This requires a little dexterity to get the straps properly attached before strapping in our son. To be clear, this is not a safety issue of the straps coming undone when he is latched in. (In fact, we’re told it’s a requirement to meet international standards not yet implemented in the U.S.) The overall safety of the stroller seems solid. It is very stable (even on bumpy, trail-like terrain), and our passenger is very secure.
The sunshade on the stroller provides a lot of coverage and is easy to operate. In fact, it provides the most sun coverage of any stroller we’ve owned. A very nice feature! There is even a small peekaboo window made of mesh.
Bumbleride Indie 4 3
The swivel wheels have nice tread and roll very well. We have gone on walks in our neighborhood, around local shops and on trails near our house. The stroller does great in snow, too! We took a walk in about four inches of snow, and the Bumbleride Indie 4 performed great! The fourth wheel adds stability and makes this a pretty universal stroller option. If you aren’t looking for a small compact stroller or something to use for jogging, this will definitely meet your needs.
Now to the bassinet. When I first saw this feature I thought it was a brilliant idea. The basinet attaches pretty easily, the sunshade rotates to provide adequate shade, and seems to provide a nice spot for an infant or newborn to relax on a walk. Plus, it’s included with the price of the stroller! I did notice the sides of the bassinet sagged down a bit, which I worried might encroach upon baby’s sleep space, but our son was too old to truly test this feature. In addition to the bassinet, there’s also the option to use a car seat attachment, which I love because it eliminates the need of transferring a sleeping baby from the bassinet to another carrying device. Versatility is definitely a key characteristic of this stroller.
Overall, the Bumbleride Indie 4 is a great all-purpose stroller that we use almost every day. It’s great!
Price: $599
To buy: bumbleride.com

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