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The Bright Starts Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing is an […]

The Bright Starts Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing is an excellent product with all the features and style anyone could need in an infant swing. Out of the box the step by step assembly instructions were simple and very easy to follow; the swing was fully put together in minutes. Once assembled, the quality construction and stability were readily apparent. The base of the swing is wide and very solid, keeping the swing sturdily on the ground while on the highest speed, unlike some swings which will rock back on forth on their bases when turned on full blast. Although easily made up in safety, the wide base does take up a little more floor space than some other infant swings.
Bright StartsThe speed is easily adjusted between six settings with the push of a single button, and the Whisper Quiet technology of the motor is true to its name and creates almost silent operation. The swing can also be easily switched from a front to back swinging motion to a side to side cradling by simply turning the seat until it clicks securely into place, no other knobs or buttons needed. To fill the silent operation the swing has multiple soothing songs and nature sounds to choose from, as well as two volume levels plus off, also with the push of a button. The Hybridrive feature of the motor makes up for the notable lack of an AC adapter option, extending the life of the four D batteries used by the swing. Further making sure the most life is squeezed from the batteries is an automatic shutoff timer that can be set for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
The seat itself is very stylish and functional. The super soft fabric on the seat is extremely comfortable, as well as easily removed and replaced for washing. The colors are very attractive while neutral enough to fit with most decor. There is even an extra padded insert and headrest for newborns that can be removed as baby grows. The seat uses a 5-point harness to securely hold baby and ensure safety. It also has two positions: a reclined position for relaxing or a more upright position for playtime. The cute toys attached to the tray are easily removable, and the tray itself tilts to either side or can be popped off completely for getting baby in and out. The mobile is also very cute and swings away in either direction, making it very easy to get children in and out of the seat, but does not turn by itself like some other models.
The Bright Starts Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing is a well thought out swing with many features and finishing touches that make it an excellent value. I would certainly recommend this product to any friend or family member who is looking for a functional, solid swing that is also stylish and extremely comfortable.
Price: $130
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