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While your physician is your best resource for planning a […]

salad_toastWhile your physician is your best resource for planning a breastfeeding-friendly diet, we can help inform you of a few supplements your doctor might recommend. Since vegetarians don’t benefit from protein-rich meats, it’s important to get enough protein from other foods.
Dairy products like yogurt, milk and cheese are great sources of protein. Additionally, your doctor will probably recommend taking B12, a vitamin found in both meat and milk products. Vitamin D, zinc and iron are a few other supplements you might need. Some mothers choose to keep taking their prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding, which can be especially beneficial if you happen to be a vegetarian. However, if you choose to do so, be aware that you may not need all of the supplements.
Always consult your physician before taking any supplements, as he or she will be able to take a closer look at your diet and tell you which nutrients you are lacking.

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