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Going from breast to bottle can be tricky, but is […]

Going from breast to bottle can be tricky, but is a necessity for most nursing moms.
Even if you don’t plan on heading back to work right away you should still consider having a few bottles on hand that your little one is familiar with and willing to accept.
Before I had my first child I assumed that all bottles were created equal and grabbed a few at my local Target. It never occurred to me that my son may not be open to the idea of a typical bottle or that he would down right refuse one. Well, it turns out that all bottles are not created equal. There are many bottles on the market that are designed specifically with the breastfeeding infant in mind. I would suggest purchasing one or two of your favorites and letting your little one decide which they prefer. Here are the top five bottles that I suggest for nursing moms and their often finicky babies.

The Very Hungry by Mimijumi is one of my latest finds. This is one bottle you really need to see and feel in person. It features a very large nipple that closely mimics a breast in both color and texture and includes an integrated venting system to prevent colic. Nipples are easily replaceable and available in three different flow rates: slow, fast, and medium.
The Very Hungry is very easy to use, consisting of only 4 parts, the cap, nipple, bottle, and no-skid bottom. It is made from high quality BPA free plastic and silicone so you can feel comfortable knowing your baby is not only well-fed, but also safe.

Breastflow by the first years is one of the most readily available bottles on my list. I found it to be available at several local discount stores in my area. It features Breastflows unique 2-in-1 nipple which allows your baby to control the flow of milk in a similar way to nursing. The Breastflow is available in both a 5oz and 9oz size and two convenient nipple stages which work with both bottle sizes.
A big bonus of the Breastflow bottles is their compatibility with the first years miPump, which allows the user to pump breast milk directly into a Breastflow bottle, reducing the need for milk storage bags or additional cleanup.

Here’s an interesting little bottle. The yoomi is a bottle and warmer in one. yoomi easily warms milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds. Simply charge the warmer, push the button, and 60 seconds later you’ve got perfectly warmed milk ready for babies next meal.
Additionally the yoomi features a breast-like nipple shape that’s been designed for easy latch on to ease the transition for nursing babies. It is available in both a 5 oz and 8 oz size and three nipple flow rates which each feature anti-colic vents.

Closer to Nature by Tommee Tippee is a great option for the nursing mom. It has a simple, no-fuss design that is great for new moms and babies. The Closer to Nature nipple was designed to mimic the feel, flex, and movement of breastfeeding, allowing infants to go easily from breast to bottle then back again. It consists of a wide neck nipple, 5 oz or 8 oz bottle, and convenient cap. Closer to Nature can even be purchased in blue, pink, or green, if you feel the urge to jazz up your little ones feeding time.

The Adiri Natural Nurser is one unique bottle indeed. It is the only bottle of its kind that is actually filled from the bottom rather than the top. It’s unique design features a co-molded nipple and body and it’s patented nipple helps alleviate nipple confusion. The Adiri is made of a unique material that actually feels soft and warm, like a breast, when filled with milk.
The Adiri comes in three different stages for three different flow rates, each of which holds 8 oz of milk.

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