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As a new mother of twins, I was interested in […]

As a new mother of twins, I was interested in a double jogging stroller. I don’t run, but my husband does, and I am certainly interested in combining his hobby with a break for me! The first strollers we considered were the BOB strollers, after playing around with them in a store and discovering that they were much nicer than our current single jogger. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller Duallie is designed to be on-road or off, and we have found that it meets our highest expectations.
The BOB arrived, and we had it assembled in less than an hour. It required a screwdriver, but no other equipment. The directions are almost intimidating, frequently referring you to a BOB repair specialist to ensure that you have assembled everything correctly. We were confident in our assembly, however, and did not see the need to take it anywhere for confirmation. The front wheel assembly was moderately difficult. It required a fairly intense amount of pressure to complete the installation. My husband doesn’t think that I would be able to perform that part of the assembly without his help. It was also a little difficult to get the wheel alignment just right to prevent it from rubbing on the brakes. But other than that, the process was straightforward.
The stroller is quite large, but can fit through all the doorframes in our house. Collapsing the stroller is easy but requires two hands. The stroller is somewhat heavy, so when it collapses, it picks up speed and I end up collapsing it faster than I intend to! The stroller is very rugged, though, so it can take my clumsiness. It collapses to about 42” long by 20” high (leaving the wheels on) for storage in the back of my car. I drive an SUV, so storing a stroller that large isn’t a problem, but it might be for smaller vehicles. The wheels have an easy-off feature, but we don’t find it very easy, so we leave the wheels on.
Because my twins are newborns, we wanted this stroller to be our full-time infant stroller as well. BOB makes an adapter for the stroller that is compatible with our car seats (Chico Keyfit 30), but it only allows for a car seat to clip into one side of the stroller, leaving the other side for a toddler to sit in, along with a snack tray attachment. We were disappointed that it did not accommodate two car seats, but the BOB website indicates that the stroller would be too wide to fit through doorways if it allowed two car seats to clip in to the adapter.
Both of the seats recline, but not to a fully lying-down position. The seats recline independently, allowing for one to accommodate one of our infant twins and the other to sit upright for our toddler daughter. The BOB guidelines state that the stroller is usable once children reach 8 weeks. My twins are currently 10 weeks old, and I think they are just sturdy enough to ride in the stroller. The shocks on the SUV Duallie stroller are fairly stiff, and my boys’ necks aren’t strong enough yet to support their heads fully.  The reclined position seems easier for their neck muscles.  I think within the month they can ride in the stroller with no issues whatsoever, but for now I check their position frequently on walks and would not use the stroller for a jog with them. (Most pediatricians recommend holding off on jogging with an infant until he has reached six months of age and/or has full head control.)
The jogging function was tested on a run with my 3-year old daughter. She is the 95th percentile for height, about 36” tall, and we found that her head hit the canopy when it is in the folded position, though she didn’t seem to mind. The 5-point harness kept her secure as my husband ran her all over town, including to a farmers market and through a park. The harness system has a wide belt strap that offers plenty of support. My husband reports that the stroller could hit a curb and other bumps in the road and that the shocks maintained a comfortable ride for our daughter. Indeed, after 2 hours in the stroller, she did not want to get out. Jogging with Daddy is one of her favorite activities!
The canopy is broad, and at its fully opened position blocks nearly all the sun from the rider, but also blocks visibility of the surroundings. My twins, still too small to want to pay attention, can nap peacefully on a walk. I like that it fully blocks the sun, as I am concerned about exposure to UV rays on our walks. While it’s great for infants, though, my daughter complains that she can’t see her surroundings when the canopy is fully opened. Luckily, it has three positions, and we can usually find one that blocks the sun and still allows her visibility. My daughter loves that the stroller has a “window” of clear plastic that allows her to see her Dad behind her.  We love that we can check on the kids without having to walk around the stroller.
Overall I think that the BOB Sport Utility Duallie is a great stroller for runners, and I would recommend it for those in the market.
Price: $380
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