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When I began researching double jogging strollers, all roads seemed […]

When I began researching double jogging strollers, all roads seemed to lead to BOB’s Revolution Duallie.
BOBRevolutionDuallieIt’s the only double jogging stroller with all the features I’m looking for, including a front wheel that locks in place for serious running or swivels for maneuverability on trips to Starbucks, independent reclining seats, separate sun shades (I live in South Florida, so sun protection is particularly important to me) and an optional car seat adapter for my infant.
And now that I’ve hit the road with the Revolution Duallie I am even more impressed. While the stroller looked huge in my living room it is surprisingly maneuverable, even with the front wheel locked, and doesn’t monopolize the sidewalk as I feared. It fits easily through our front door (although not interior doors). Impressively, the seats are more cushioned than I expected and the sun shades are larger. I was a little unsure about the absence of a hand break but don’t miss it, even going downhill. The overall quality of the stroller is top-notch.
A must-have optional accessory is the handlebar console ($21), which straps to the handlebars providing two cup holders and a zippered storage pocket. Other optional accessories include a mesh shield for blocking sun and UV-rays, a “weather shield” to protect from rain or harsh wind, a “warm fuzzy” fleece insert to keep kids cozy in winter and a matching diaper bag that clips into the stroller.
All that said, the true test of the Revolution Duallie came when I strapped in my super-active toddler and received an enthusiastic “yes!” when I asked if he was comfortable. Then he sat happily in the stroller for my entire run, which is very unusual. So there you have it: we love the BOB Revolution Duallie!
Price: $569
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