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I am not an Ironman, but I felt like one […]

I am not an Ironman, but I felt like one while jogging with the BOB Ironman Duallie.
BOBIronmanDuallieAs a man, I was a little nervous about running with a jogging stroller. I didn’t want to look like too much of a “girlie man.” Once I saw the BOB stroller, my reservations were left in the dust. This stroller looks great. Its lightweight-yet-sturdy frame is wrapped in a highly visible yellow fabric. The appearance is sleek and sporty, especially considering the fact that the stroller is able to carry up to 100 pounds of running companions. The red Ironman logos and matching trim add to the sporty aesthetic. However, this stroller is more than just a looker, and its other features lived up to my demanding standards.
The most important feature of a jogging stroller is its jogging ability. I was thoroughly impressed by the ease with which I was able to navigate the stroller on the streets and sidewalks making up my normal running routes. The large bicycle style wheels rolled effortlessly and the suspension system smoothed out the potholes and curbs. The shocks also provided a great way to make my 2-year-old chuckle and aided in performing some “pretty sweet wheelies.” The independently adjustable sunshades provided nearly complete coverage from the elements while the peek-a-boo windows allowed me to view the action below. The width of the handlebar was perfect and enabled me to keep my arms in a natural running position while pushing the stroller. The handlebar console (sold separately, $23) also provided a handy storage place for my cell phone, water bottle and entertainment for the kiddos.
With ample storage literally at my fingertips, I was shocked to find an absurd amount of storage space underneath the seats, in the multiple pouches throughout and seemingly everywhere imaginable. There is enough storage space to carry supplies and entertainment for double-digit-mile runs. This storage space is also great for non-jogging daytrips to the zoo or park and the seats recline up to 70 degrees to accommodate midday nappers. The consideration of using it on outings, however, brings me to the only downfalls of the Ironman Duallie: the lack of adjustable swivel front wheel and minimal foldability. However, the stroller maneuvers well enough to tackle all but the most dense crowd and while the stroller doesn’t fold compactly, it is a jogging stroller. It’s meant for jogging, not riding in the back of your minivan, right?
Overall, I was thrilled by the Ironman’s performance. My little ones (ages 6 and 2) had fun “running” with daddy, and my wife enjoyed the rare pleasure of having the house to herself. The stroller has put a bounce back in my step and made running an experience to share. Now if only it could get me that Ironman physique …
Price: $479
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