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We were hoping to move into our house last week, […]

IMG_0008We were hoping to move into our house last week, but as it turns out, there was still some work to be done. That’s the way it goes with a home renovation, right? We’ve since changed locales and are really keeping our fingers crossed for the work to be completed this week, so that we can move in this coming weekend.
During this in-between time, we’ve been trying to stick to our routines and stay cool. There have been record-breaking high temperatures, and it’s only the beginning of the summer. I’ve been reminiscing about this time last year and how I was just about two months away from having Akira. I felt huge and hot, and the only relief I found was when I went swimming. We’ve taken Akira to the pool twice now, and he loves it every time. I’m sure he finds respite in splashing and wading. I’ve also noticed that he loves being in the bath as much, if not more, than being in the pool.
As I mentioned before, he loves being outside. Even if it’s just sitting on the grass, Akira totally revels in the fresh air and sunshine. He is such a little explorer and risk-taker. It seems as though nothing can stop him, even if it means that he might get hurt along the way. I feel like this trait in his personality is a glimpse into the way he will live his life as he grows up. He takes chances and is fearless. He will literally try something and fall, then pick himself up and try again.
FullSizeRender 3Just the other day, he actually tried to stand! He has been pulling himself up on things and leaning against walls, but while we were out at the park the other day, after propping himself up with my knee, he let go!
He stood for just a few seconds, but I was shocked and in awe over how he just naturally progressed from sitting to standing to letting go. It was so seamless, and he looked at me afterwards like it was no big deal! This is what I’m talking about—the seemingly insignificant accomplishments he’s coming across feel so much bigger to us. Maybe it’s because we are quite literally watching him grow before our very eyes. While it’s exciting to see what he’ll do next, there is a part of me that aches knowing that it just means he’s growing up.
He’s now 10 months old. Ten! It’s hard to wrap my head around how fast his first year is flying. In his short time earthside, he has already accomplished so much. He has touched the hearts of so many of us and has fostered bonds between him and his sister as well as with us. And the amazing part of all of this is that he has no idea he’s been such a huge impact on our lives. His small feats are milestones, and with every passing day, Jesse and I feel so lucky that we get to call him ours.

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