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Written by: Meredith September 29 2010 One of the most […]

Written by: Meredith

One of the most exciting milestones in the last stretch of pregnancy is packing the bag for the hospital. The only problem I faced when picking out an assortment of cute outfits for my daughter’s first photos was narrowing down all of the options. However, when it came to picking out my own outfits for the hospital, the options weren’t quite as cute. How was I supposed to look good after enduring hours of labor that would leave me with a half deflated belly that looked neither flat or like the adorable baby bump it once was? That’s when I stumbled upon the Belabumbum Ariel Mom & Baby Set.
The perfect solution to my wardrobe woes, the Ariel set includes a nursing nightgown and robe for mom and a sweet matching gown for baby. The whole set comes neatly packaged in an organza gift bag, so I instantly made a mental note to keep the set in mind for the next baby shower I would be attending.
As soon as I removed the nightgown from the bag, I was impressed by the delicate lace design details and the soft feel of the 100% pima cotton. Many nursing nightgowns are frumpy and unattractive, but I wouldn’t hesitate to strut my stuff down the hospital corridors in this one! In fact, the nightgown looked so much like a regular, non-nursing nightgown that I started to wonder if it would fit over my still-pregnant belly (and my half deflated baby bump mound once in the hospital).
I slipped the gown over my head and was stunned to see that the stretchy material conformed to my baby bump, but in a flattering way. Any worries I had about an unflattering fit, even with a half belly, were put to rest. This was the perfect cut! The built in nursing bra on the top was both practical and comfortable. I loved that the neckline wasn’t awkwardly high like on some nursing nightgowns, but it was cut in a way that didn’t leave me feeling overexposed.
For a little more modesty, I slipped on the robe and was impressed by the versatile cut. A carefully positioned drawstring closure made this robe work beautifully while pregnant, but easy to modify once the baby is on the outside. Holding up the matching baby gown with its convenient elastic bottom, I started envisioning our first photo as mother and daughter. I knew we would make a lovely duo.
I couldn’t find a single flaw in the Ariel Mom & Baby Set. It was the perfect addition to my hospital bag and would make a wonderful gift for any expecting mom. Soft, flattering and pretty—who could ask for more?
Price: $108.00

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