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I was impressed with the Bath Hammock by Baby’s Journey’s […]

BabysJourneyI was impressed with the Bath Hammock by Baby’s Journey’s lightweight, portable and overall attractive appearance as soon as I pulled it out of the box. In comparison to other baby tubs on the market, the Bath Hammock is a perfect fit for a newborn. Such a small bundle of joy seems too tiny to be bathed in a larger-scale plastic tub more designed for an older baby, so I love the way this hammock cradles smaller newborns. I also love that it is effortless to use—it takes just a few seconds to open up the base and pull out the mesh hammock, which easily snaps into place, and the sling retracts into the base and then folds compactly for storage.
This being our first child, my husband and I were both excited and nervous about giving our daughter her first bath at home. The experience went smoothly and calmly, thanks to the durability and comfort the Bath Hammock provided. We chose to set up the hammock on our kitchen counter, but its portable and lightweight frame would have fit nicely in a bathtub as well. We placed a towel underneath the hammock to absorb the water and placed our baby shampoo and wash beside the bath.
The Bath Hammock lives up to its motto: “makes bath time cam and relaxing”. Our newborn sat snuggly and safely in the hammock as we bathed her. The weight limit on the hammock is 15 pounds. Our daughter weighs 6 pounds, so this bath system will be happily used for the recommended time frame of 0-3 months. The mesh material of the sling is very soft on a newborn’s skin and allows the water from the bath to run freely through the material when rinsing. The entire bath went smoothly thanks to the reliability of the Bath Hammock.
The cleanup of the Bath Hammock was also an easy task. It is recommended to not roll up the sling into the frame when it is wet, so we simply rinsed all soap from the bath and kept it out on a flat surface to dry. Once the hammock was fully dried, we easily folded it back up and put it away until the next bath.
My family is happy to have this bath, and we would recommend this product to any family with a newborn. It is a reliable and safe product that is designed to make newborn bath time a positive experience for both baby and parent.
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