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Once upon a time, some eight years ago, our first […]

FullSizeRenderOnce upon a time, some eight years ago, our first baby’s first haircut was an incredible milestone for my husband and me. My grandmother gave us a sweet little silver keepsake box with “Baby’s First Curl” elaborately engraved on it, and when it was finally time for our son’s first trim, we did indeed keep a little curl. It’s tied with a tiny ribbon and tucked away in that little box, which is … somewhere. But don’t ask for specifics.
When our first daughter was ready for her first haircut, I kept another curl, also tied with a little ribbon. No keepsake box this time, though. It went in a decidedly less sweet plastic zippy bag that I put in my old jewelry box, for some reason. Our daughter found it months later, opened it and sprinkled the hair on her own head.
Our third child had no keepsake box either. He didn’t even get a zippy bag. My husband cut his hair himself while I was out. I tried to salvage a curl from the trash can, but between the food scraps and the wadded-up tissues, it wasn’t happening.
Can you see where this is going?
The truth is that at 10 months now, our sweet baby girl has already had her first haircut, technically. She has wispy blond hair on top—she can rock a pretty sweet Mohawk in the tub—and we can coax it into one or two little flipped-up curls around the back. In a word: adorable. It was getting a little long around her ears though, and driving my husband crazy. So yes, we unceremoniously trimmed those few rogue hairs a couple of weeks ago. It was all business. Kitchen. Kitchen shears. Two seconds. The end.
I thought I’d feel bad or guilty, but nope. It’s really for the best. Hair doesn’t keep especially well, I’ve found. I did debate for many five seconds about buying another little keepsake box so we can save another little curl, but why? I don’t even know where the first one is, and what are we going to do with it if I find it? No, instead of finishing the way we began, we’ll just keep this trend going.
I’m planning to hang on to a few of her teensiest little outfits, and of course I kept the tiny bracelet that adorned her ankle in the hospital. But things like hair and the umbilical cord stump (for real, I know people who have kept those shriveled-up things!), well, I’m over it. We’ll take a picture of her fresh little haircut when it happens, and that will be good enough.

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