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Our little guy had his first camping experience this past […]

Our little guy had his first camping experience this past weekend. We had a fantastic time. We took our whole family out to a friend’s property that is located about 20 miles out of town in the country. They own 70 acres that are mostly wooded. It’s an ideal spot for some mellow, private camping. This is exactly the scenario we wanted in order to conduct an experiment to see if we could get a decent night of sleep with an infant and four other kids in a tent.
We spent the evening having dinner with our friends. Then we walked across the field to the woods behind their house to begin the great camping experiment. We set up two tents, one for baby and momma—and the other for the older siblings and me. Our tents were pitched on the bank of a slow-moving stream that gurgled in the background all night. Its sound blended with the symphony of the frogs, crickets and owls to sing us a perfect nighttime lullaby. Fireflies flickered out in the field while stars twinkled overhead around a crescent moon. The air was still and warm. It was bliss simply to be alive on such a fine evening.
But we were more than merely alive. We were together! This was unlike other camping trips I’ve taken over the past year or two when I had to separate from most or all of my family in order to enjoy a night in the woods. I love the solitude, but I hate missing my family. This trip, however, did not force me to choose between the glory of nature and the delight of my family. Instead, I was able to enjoy both at the same time. This was only possible if we could get baby to sleep well in a tent. Thankfully, he did exactly that.
photoThis camping excursion was actually an important test run for a bigger outing we have planned in a couple of weeks. My wife’s parents will be traveling through the area in their RV, and we intend to meet them at a state park campground in order to camp with them for several days. We are all very excited for that trip, so it was important that we prove to ourselves that we can keep our whole family in tents for at least one night before embarking on a trip during which we will need to do that for multiple nights. The experiment was a success, and so we are moving full speed ahead toward our big trip with grandma and grandpa.
Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any great photos during our time in the woods. I was too busy enjoying the moments with my family to document them. So, I only have this photo of our little guy trying his first O cereal. It’s far less exciting than his first camping trip, but still a good photo souvenir of the week.

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