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By Published On: August 22nd, 2013
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Being pregnant with my second child, I was excited to […]

Being pregnant with my second child, I was excited to get my hands on Inertia’s new controlled motion base infant car seat by Baby Trend. Having had my first child more than three years ago, I was interested to see the advancements in car seats, and I was definitely not disappointed.
BabyTrendInertia1The first improvement that instantly caught my attention was the ease of installation that Inertia boasted. Being 38 weeks pregnant, I wouldn’t have even attempted to install our previous car seat, leaving that task to my husband. However, I was able to install the Inertia in less than one minute! The rigid LATCH connectors attached easily into the back seat of my car—even in my cumbersome condition. And I knew I had done it correctly because I could hear the system click into place. Once the base was installed, the car seat popped in just as easily and is much lighter than our previous car seat. The Delta multi-grip carrying handle is also very convenient.
The Inertia also offers four recline positions for the baby. When dealing with a colicky baby, especially one that needs a more upright position, this is a wonderful feature and could save many a parents’ sanity during car trips of any duration. The recline positions are part of Inertia’s featured controlled motion base, which responds to a crash with a reclining mechanism for low-impact force distribution. It’s a key safety feature when deciding which car seat you should go with. Also, the controlled motion base is made with what the manual describes as a deceleration mechanism. This enables your child to ride comfortably, in a more reclined position, and if ever in a car accident, it responds instantly by moving more upright to better distribute impact. No other car seat on the market has this type of safety feature!
BabyTrendInertia2As a second-time parent, I’m sure I will also appreciate the fact that there will be no need to re-thread the harness as my child grows. This is simply taken care of by turning a dial in the back of the seat—a definite upgrade from the daunting task of adjusting our previous seat’s harness in the past and worrying about re-threading it correctly and safely.
All in all, I think this is one of best car seats on the market and would definitely recommend it to any of my friends. The only down side to having a product so new to the market is that there are no options to purchase an additional car seat base, which is a necessity as both my husband and I do daycare pick up and drop off. But that should be remedied over time.
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