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Now that my college days are behind me, I know […]

BrainNow that my college days are behind me, I know girls who are so ready to be moms. And in my circle of friends, I’m definitely the least ready for mommyhood. So I guess I shocked a lot of people a couple of months ago when I updated my Facebook asking my mommy friends to fill me in on their pregnancy weight-gain woes. My inbox and wall were flooded with question marks and messages like, “OMG, YOU’RE PREGGERS?!” No, guys, I intern at P&N.

Other than my gal pals being pretty surprised and enthused by my new found appreciation for all things baby, my boyfriend might be slightly over it.

Some guys get freaked out when their girlfriend brings up engagement, or what their future babies’ names will be. I’m pretty sure mine would take any of that to never hear another labor and delivery story while we are eating dinner. In my defense, I have baby on the brain in a completely different way than most ladies my age. I know a ton about the hot baby brands for strollers, high chairs and clothes. I’ve heard it all when it comes to the pits of the first trimester without ever having to be pregnant myself. And, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one of my friends who knows where you can get the best lactation cookies. It’s good to know my girls totally have my back when I freak out and see what I call “a total mush”—or what everyone else calls, a really cute baby. They love hearing about all of the information I soak up while spending so much time at P&N. But the future with my boyfriend and I, who knows? At least I can always say I’m the one who taught him about nursing pillows and the benefits of water birth.

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