Baby on the brain

Written by: Suzanna Palmer April 29 2012 This week, I finally came to grips with a fact: My brain is in baby jail. I realized this the other night while chatting with a couple of […]

Written by: Suzanna Palmer

This week, I finally came to grips with a fact: My brain is in baby jail. I realized this the other night while chatting with a couple of friends, one with a baby and one without. The other mom and I jabbered on about all things baby-related, while our friend stayed quiet. After awhile, she gently pointed out that she hadn’t yet joined the baby club. All of our talk had been boring her to tears. (Mea culpa, my friend!)

Ever since Jacob arrived, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that I have a bad case of baby brain—not the kind that makes you forget to send out emails or put on deodorant while you’re pregnant, but the kind that makes it nearly impossible to engage in a conversation without at least some mention of a cute, tiny, cuddly human being—but now I’m sure of it.

Before a little one entered my life, I swore that I wouldn’t morph into THAT mom who bored my kid-less friends with endless talk about babies. I was determined I would never be at a loss for words in conversations about current events and would stay up-do-date on news from the outside world after my munchkin was born.

Oh, how my naivety now makes me chuckle.

The moment Jacob was born, all hope was lost. My brain went straight to baby jail. It had been heading that way for quite some time, and after his arrival, the big iron door finally swung shut.

It’s not surprising, really. Once you welcome a little one into your life, it’s only natural to become consumed by them. A whole new world has opened up before you, and it’s quite thrilling. Plus, learning how to navigate the waters of motherhood is no easy task; you need all of the brain power that you can get. Besides all of that, thinking about your sweet baby is, quite simply, more fun than thinking about anything else.

As a result, as a new mama, you may soon find that you’ve fallen woefully behind in current events—unless the current event happens to revolve around diapers, sleep training or toys. (Somehow, they never do.) You may find it difficult to fit into conversations that can’t somehow be brought back around to babies. (Fortunately, when you’re a new mother, you can bring most ANY conversation back around to babies. This makes you a highly-sought-after conversationalist among the non-parental types.) And, when talking to friends without children, you may find yourself racking your brain feverishly to carry on a conversation that’s longer than five minutes.
Let me assure you, all of this is normal.

As an aside, don’t imagine for a moment think that I’m suggesting that mother’s brains aren’t being constantly stimulated. Au contraire. They are always going a mile a minute. It’s just that they are running quite a difference race than the brains of the rest of mankind.

Of course, I know that there are supermoms out there who manage to stay abreast of current event and discuss them intelligently, I just don’t happen to be that lucky. Or, maybe it’s my friends who aren’t that lucky. Either way, I’ve come to grips with the fact that my brain is wrapped around Jacob’s little finger (a biological marvel), and to be honest, I wouldn’t change it for all the world. Or, should I say all the world’s current events.

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