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As a mother of three, I have a lot of […]

BabyKtan3As a mother of three, I have a lot of experience using different baby carriers, and I have acquired quite a few of them in the past few years. All of the carriers that I own and have used have a lot of great features, but unfortunately they have drawbacks as well. So when our twin girls were born and our family grew from five to seven, I was excited to try out the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier.
The Baby K’tan carrier is a very simple carrier, with no buckles to click, straps to adjust, or an excessive amount of fabric that is confusing to decipher. It is a versatile carrier that I use every day.
One huge positive for the Baby K’tan is the website and manual. These are great assets when trying to figure out how to use the carrier, and the site even goes so far as to provide videos on each of the different carrying configurations. This has been a hurdle for me in the past, when trying to figure out how to use various carriers. I’d often get frustrated and opt to just carry my baby in my arms instead. With the Baby K’tan, however, I am confident that I am using the carrier the way it was intended to be used.
The Baby K’tan is intend for use with babies ranging from 8 to 35 pounds and with multiple configurations, it is always comfortable and secure for your baby. It is interesting (and quite educational) how the manual and website provide information on the importance of babywearing, and how it can improve your baby’s development and disposition. Because it can be worn in so many different ways in the first few years of your baby’s life, your baby is certain to benefit. In addition, I am able to breastfeed my babies discreetly while wearing the K’tan, which is incredibly important to me.
BabyKtan1Because the Baby K’tan has no buckles, straps, zippers, etc., it is not adjustable and therefore you must order the correct size to ensure proper function and safety. This could mean that parents may have to order two different size K’tans, to allow fathers to carry their babies safely and not worry about being too tight or risking suffocation or other possible dangers.
The Baby K’tan carrier is actually two pieces, one is the carrier itself, which fits over both shoulders, and helps to distribute baby’s weight evenly across the back and shoulders for increased comfort. The second piece is the sash, and this is used for added stability and is simple to put on after your baby is secure in the carrier. When I am not using the carrier, the sash converts to a handy carrying tote, which makes it compact and easy to transport.
In summary, the Baby K’tan is a great carrier, with interesting literature and information to support its use. I have had a fantastic experience with this carrier, and I look forward to my twin girls getting bigger and trying out the carrying configurations that are intended for them as they grow!
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