Baby Jogger Summit XC Double

My Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller/Jogger Hybrid is fast-becoming my most used stroller. We live in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, where much of the terrain is flat and the weather is perfect for walking or running […]

My Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller/Jogger Hybrid is fast-becoming my most used stroller.
BabyJoggerSummitXCDoubleWe live in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, where much of the terrain is flat and the weather is perfect for walking or running with my little ones. This stroller is ideal for my morning exercise rounds through my neighborhood, but I’ve discovered it also works well for just about any outing. So far, it’s gone with me trick-or-treating, through Downtown Savannah (where it takes my crew through the historic city streets), to the soccer fields on Wilmington and Tybee islands, and to Walmart and Target for those fun-filled family shopping excursions.
I know what some of you may be thinking: A jogging stroller for exercising and for shopping? Yes! The incredible turn radius, compact design and ease of folding make this product much more versatile than your average jogging stroller.
As with my other Baby Jogger products, assembly was a breeze. I simply slid the body of the stroller from the box and popped each wheel on with one simple click. I have to admit once it was put together, I just stood back and marveled at it for a moment. The finished product is certainly a thing of beauty. The sleekness of the stroller’s design is so inspiring it made me want to run out that moment and jog my babies around the block.
The stroller works really well for my 9-month-old daughter and one of her three brothers, depending on who’s tired and ready for a rest. When my daughter is in her carrier or with Daddy, my 3- and 4-year-old boys both fit comfortably side by side. The stroller has a 100-pound weight capacity and tall seats, so they have plenty of room to stretch out. The straps of the five-point harness system have five possible heights that can be adjusted simply by clipping the straps onto the desired position. Tightening and loosening the straps is also simple and easy, and the shoulder pads prevent little necks from chaffing.
The seats can recline simply by sliding the clip on the back of the seat to the desired position. There is also an optional weather flap and mesh pockets on the back of each seat for stashing small items like jackets or pacifiers. The cargo basket below can accommodate a small diaper bag (or four trick-or-treat buckets). Do keep in mind that the handle of this stroller, while extremely comfortable, is not meant to hang bags from, so plan accordingly with carry-ons if you need to stash shopping bags in the cargo area below.
The Summit XC Double has four wheels (two 12” wheels in the front and two 16” wheels in the back), unlike a traditional three-wheel jogging stroller. The turn radius is unbelievable. The stroller moves with such ease that sometimes I forget I’m pushing a product that would ordinarily feel bulky and awkward. Because of the stroller’s compact design and extraordinary turn radius, tight spaces are not difficult to navigate. With my previously owned doubles, I was always reluctant to use my stroller in shopping malls and stores because the girth of the stroller hindered me more than helped me.
The Summit XC is just as high-performing when I’m exercising as it is when I’m running errands. With the flip of a switch on the foot board of the stroller, I can lock the front wheels for jogging. The hand brake offers me peace of mind if I need to make quick stops (the foot brake is also slim and easy to work during day-to-day use). In addition, there is a wrist strap that I can utilize to ensure the stroller doesn’t get away from me when I stop for a water break. The canopies on the seat are substantial and provide just that extra bit of length needed to keep the sun out of little eyes, while the canopy windows allow me a convenient way to keep an eye on my kids without having to disrupt my exercise routine. The great suspension and padded seats keep my precious passengers comfortable, so they can sit back and enjoy the scenery while I get my daily dose of stress relief.
There seems to be no terrain this stroller can’t handle. It’s gone with me from the pavement to the grassy Islands soccer fields and navigates easily on either landscape. When I get ready to load everyone up to go home, I simply use my favorite feature on the Summit XC—the one-step fold. If I’m standing in front of the stroller, I simply grasp the straps located in each seat and pull up. The stroller folds up in one fluid movement and compresses to fit easily into the back of my van. It only weighs about 39 pounds, so storing it away is trouble-free. No more removing the front tire of my other jog stroller and rearranging the contents of our cargo area just to accommodate the stroller and still be able to shut the van door all the way.
My one criticism with each of my Baby Jogger strollers is that cup holders and trays are not standard. I feel that most people who are going to spend $650 on a stroller do not want to turn around and pay an additional $25 in order to get a cup holder, which is a standard feature on many other strollers. The wide variety of accessories and conversion kits Baby Jogger offers is outstanding (moms can purchase anything from belly bars to carrier adapters and bassinets), but in my opinion, something as simple and helpful as a snack tray should be included considering the high cost of the product.
With that thought in mind, I would still argue this stroller is worth the money, especially for busy moms who are very physically active but do not want to have to choose between spending time with their little ones and exercising. It also works well for parents of multiple children who do not want to own an entire garage full of strollers for different functions. The Summit XC is versatile enough that you can take it most anywhere and know that your kids are riding in comfort and in style.
Price: $650
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P.S. Have one or three babies? The Summit XC is available in single and triple models as well.

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