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Babywearing is the bomb. People still say that, right? Honestly, I […]

Babywearing is the bomb. People still say that, right?
Honestly, I don’t know how else to get anything done. Our girl is three months old already and as opinionated as ever. She declares her preference to be held loud and clear. If we’re lucky, she’ll deign to hang out in her little Papasan chair long enough for me to slap together some lunches to send off to school with her brother and sister. And believe me, I don’t dally. PB&J is a nightmare one-IMG_0974handed.
Luckily, she’s also big enough to have graduated from the long wrap I used to wear her in to the far more convenient baby carrier. We love this thing. (Except today. For some reason, she does not love it today. I’m hoping this mood passes quickly because I’m looking around this place in a bit of a panic.)
When we were inexperienced, new parents, we registered for the exotic sounding carrier every naive parent registers for (you know the one). It was okay, but whenever one of us strapped on the baby to vacuum, or whatever, a sore back and aching shoulders were inevitable. I wised up with the next baby and got a baby wrap. It was a huge improvement comfort wise, but man, did that thing get hot. This time around, we got an “ergonomic” baby carrier, and I kid you not, this thing is a lifesaver (see intro paragraph about baby’s loud insistence on being carried).
It’s a brilliant design, with a padded, waist piece and comfy straps that buckle together between your shoulder blades. The upshot is that I can wear it all day long with no problems. I’ve worn it hiking, walking the kids to and from school and all around the house. When she’s sleeping, I can sit down comfortably to work. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit here that when I absolutely could not wait any longer and there was no way I was going to risk waking her up, I was able to go pee without taking the carrier off.
There aren’t many truly critical things you need for a baby, but a nice baby carrier is at the tippy top of that list. I just can’t believe it took us four babies to figure it out.

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