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Our nearly 5-month old baby girl—and I still can’t believe […]

IMG_1399Our nearly 5-month old baby girl—and I still can’t believe she’s that old already—had her 4-month well-baby visit a few weeks ago. We went through the basics (yes to sleeping on her back and the rear-facing car seat, no to daycare) and then he asked whether she’s trying to stand when you hold her upright. I laughed, because she’s already in a jumper, so yeah, she stands all right. Then he laughed and said we never would have done that so early with our first baby. And he’s totally right.
Seven years ago, when we were brand-new parents, I’d like to say we were fairly relaxed. But we definitely erred on the conservative side with pretty much everything. Honestly, I think it’s because we felt that every decision we made—whether he slept in his crib or our bed, whether we followed a schedule, when we started solids, and on and on and on—would have a direct impact on his growth and development and happiness and future ability to, you know, get a good job. We debated and researched and cheerleaded our own decisions to family and friends, soliciting input and feedback that yeah, our way was the right way. And that leaves 2014 me looking back at 2007 me like, “Aww. Bless her little clueless heart.”
Because guess what else we’re doing already? After watching our girl dive for foods on our plates or do her damndest to pull our cups toward her drooly little mouth, we started her on rice cereal. And she is seriously into it. Every single mouthful. We take our cues from our kiddos these days, and this has been written all over her face: “What is that? What are you eating? Give it to me!” So we did. And if anything highlights the difference between your first baby and your fourth, it’s something like that.
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