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Today’s expert is Jason Abrams, coined as “The Jerry Maguire […]

Today’s expert is Jason Abrams, coined as “The Jerry Maguire of Real Estate,” and a young superstar in his own right, he’s soon bringing his unique brand of celebrity house-hunting to HGTV in its upcoming series “Scoring the Deal” premiering this December. Not long after the premiere of “Scoring the Deal,” Jason will also be embarking on one of life’s greatest journey’s … fatherhood. As Jason is busy babyproofing his own home, he wanted to give new parents the scoop on doing the same from someone who knows houses—inside and out. Here are Abrams 5 tips for babyproofing your nursery (and your entire house!)

1. Outlets. Cover your electrical outlets with plastic covers immediately! Babies and toddlers love sticking things in unknown places, and those places can pack a major punch.
2. Stay out! Lock up all of your cabinets, especially the ones that have cleaning products in them. Funny enough, our collections of chemical weapons work wonders on granite, mirrors, stainless steel appliances, and other hard surfaces that we sometimes eat off of, but they can be devastating if ingested by a child.
3. If these bars could talk. No, I am not talking about a jail cell. I am talking about the spindles on your staircase landings. Naturally, baby gates keep kids off steps, but a classic missed spot is the upstairs landing if spindles are involved. Make sure that they cannot get their little heads stuck or worse, squeeze right through!
4. Adult swim. Pools are for grownups or children with grownups. Make sure there is a secure fence around your pool. There are great alarm systems now that are installed to measure water level. Once armed, they are hyper sensitive to changes within the pool. If a child were to jump in and create a ripple, the alarm would go off alerting you and anyone else within earshot.
5. Keeping them in. Make certain that the exit doors of the house are not easily accessible. If necessary, purchase safety covers for the doorknobs, which deter little hands and fingers from being able to leave the home on their own.

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