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“The Biggest Loser” host Alison Sweeney recently spoke with Celebrity Baby […]

0104_TOP_RED_3798 v3“The Biggest Loser” host Alison Sweeney recently spoke with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her newest novel, getting a good night’s sleep, fitness routine and summertime with her two children, Ben and Megan.
CBS: Health and fitness is on everyone’s mind these days. What tips have you learned for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle from your time on “The Biggest Loser”?
AS: “The main thing I’ve adopted is the importance of making it an overall healthy lifestyle as my way of life. It’s not about a diet or a short term goal; it is making the right choices each and every day. There are of course times to cheat and have some treats, but those are the days that I try to get in an extra hard workout or plan one for the next day to still feel good about all of my choices.”
CBS: What does your personal health regime look like? What keeps you motivated? Do you feel pressure to be a good role model to your kids?
AS: “Being a good role model to my kids is the most important thing in the world to me. I find that showing them my healthy lifestyle of eating right and enjoying workouts sets a great example for them, and gets them excited for their fitness. I try to work out every day and to eat healthy foods and to always get a good night’s rest.”
CBS: As a mom, you want your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle, how do you ensure your kids eat right, exercise and get enough sleep?
AS: “My kids don’t know anything different. They love their vegetables and don’t really know fast food. They love getting me ingredients from our garden, and they help me get dinner together in a way that has them invested in the meal, too. So it’s that much easier to get them to enjoy eating foods that they helped prepare. We hike, play tag and do other fun activities together. Plus they know what time bedtime is to ensure a good rest.”
CBS: What did Benjamin and Megan do over the summer? Do they have any favorite summer activities? Any special family traditions to celebrate the end of summer?
AS: “We have such fun as a family during the summer. We’re constantly being active outside, taking vacations when we can and just enjoying time together. The kids have been in camp a bit but it’s more about our quality time together.”
CBS: Do the kids like school? What are their favorite subjects?
AS: “My kids do like school and they love to learn things. Ben is really into science and Megan loves theater and performing (wonder where she gets that!).”
CBS: Tell us a little about your decision to leave “Days [of Our Lives]” and take on a directing role at “General Hospital.” What prompted it? How hard was it to part with your character of 21 years?
AS: “After seven years of hosting “The Biggest Loser” AND being Sami on “Days [of Our Lives],” I realized that I needed to make a change to have more time with my family and to pursue other career ambitions that don’t require the same time commitments. I continue to love hosting “The Biggest Loser” (which returns on September 11 to NBC), and directing is a passion as well. I’m hoping to direct again at “Days [of Our Lives]” soon and loved being at “GH” to direct there as well. Plus, I continue to love writing and am currently working on my third novel.
CBS: Congratulations on your new novel! What inspired you to write “Scared Scriptless”? Tell us a little about Maddy, is she based on anyone in particular?
AS: Maddy is a compilation of several people in my life, starting with me! Many of the characters in this book are based on friends I work with, and some characters you recognize from my first novel, “The Star Attraction.” I love the challenge of great storytelling, and I love writing the stories that come to me, especially since I’ve spent my whole career telling the stories of other writers as an actress. I love to read, and my goal is to have these books be ones others love to read for a break from their hectic lives.
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