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Written by: Rachel February 06 2012 Now that I've had some time to adjust to the fact that Ellis kid #3 will be a boy, I'll be using the rest of this gestation to wrap […]

Written by: Rachel

Now that I've had some time to adjust to the fact that Ellis kid #3 will be a boy, I'll be using the rest of this gestation to wrap my head around the fact that Ellis kid #3 will be a boy … who is not Noah.

At his 7-year checkup, where he was declared to be in the 100th percentile for awesome.

When Rosie was a freshly minted minutes-old wee thing, Imarveled and marveled over the fact that Ihad a girl baby. She looked remarkably similar to Noah as a newborn (and, really, couldn't deny she was related to him now even if she wanted to) but was more feminine somehow. Any thoughts Ihad about this new kid of mine being like her brother were more of a sidenote, not the main focus, because she was a girl and he was a boy. That seemed to help solidify their separateness in my mind.

But now I have boy numero dos on his way, and for all I know, he could look nothing like his big siblings. He might have blue eyes (I do, and Luke's mom does, so there's a 50 percent chance he could. That one semester of medical school comes in really handy sometimes!) or he might have light brown or even blonde hair, like both Luke and my younger brothers did as babies. Or maybe he'll be a carbon copy of Noah, right down to the cleft in his chin and the funny way he always says “granolar bar.”

You're never too old for a bubble bath hairdo.

It's rougher on the little sisters and little brothers of the world, isn't it? Always having a template to go before them. I daresay you'd be hard pressed to find a parent out there who has never compared their children in some way. I mean how can you not? When you have one kid, that one kid's all you know. As far as you're concerned, Your Kind of Kid=This Particular Kind of Kid, period. So when the next one comes along, you have to forge new brain pathways. Now you have to remember that Your Kind of Kid=This Kind of Kid + That Kind of Kid, even when it might seem like the only similarity between them is that they previously occupied the same itty bitty living space just below your stomach. I may be wrong, but I imagine that is harder when This Kind of Kid is the same gender as That Kind of Kid.

Are you following me?Like I've said before, math is not my forte.

One equation Iknow is true:Noah + carz = BFFs 4 lyfe

Noah and Rosie's pronounced differences in personality, though something I've had to adjust to parenting-wise, make sense in my head because she is a girl and he is a boy. That seems to be key to making that information fit into my understanding of how Ihave created such different creatures. But now I'll have a second boy, and who knows what he'll be? He might be serious and sensitive like Noah or sassy and imaginative like Rosie. Or he might be none of those things. Or he might be all of those things.

Either way, I think it's a safe bet thatI'll like him right much. Just like I do the boy who came before him.

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