A girl on the go

By Published On: September 20th, 2016

A few weeks ago I cited the fact that the 6-month-old […]

A few weeks ago I cited the fact that the 6-month-old doesn’t do that many awe-inspiring things as my reason for not writing her monthly letters like I did for her sisters and brother. The truth is really that I am lazy and tired. But I really did find myself just looking back at what I’d written for the others and basically copying it for her. That seemed like it was both lame and a waste of time. Why am I justifying my decision? I have no idea.  Probably because I feel mom guilt over it. Or maybe it’s because apparently the 6-month-old reads the things I write on the internet and takes them to heart. Because shortly after I wrote that post, accusing her of not doing too many exciting things, she busted out all of the following: 

IMG_6083– sitting up like a champion

– crawling

– pulling herself to standing

– her first tooth

And I’m left being like, Whoa there, Funky B! What do you say we slow it down just a little bit?

Yesterday the daycare teacher texted me a picture of her standing up all by herself because the teacher also couldn’t believe it! Then, when I picked her up from daycare yesterday afternoon, she gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a tiny person, and there, just poking through her gum was her very first tooth. And she couldn’t stop smiling at me, like she was so proud to show off her new pearly white.

I guess she was feeling like if I didn’t have enough interesting content to write about her, she’d give it to me all at once! Like, “Hey, lady—you don’t think I do exciting things? Well, then let me see how many significant milestones I can throw at you and make you cry that your little baby is growing up right in front of your eyes.”

fullsizerenderI get it, little girl! You do amazing things! I’m sorry I ever suggested otherwise. Now, please, SLOW DOWN! I mean, you’ve gone from sitting up to crawling to pulling yourself to standing all within two weeks. What’s the rush? I get that you have a big brother and two big sisters to keep up with, but it would really mean a lot to me if you would just stay little (and by that I clearly mean immobile) for a while longer (read: forever).

But obviously that’s not going to happen. You’re a girl on the go now, and I know there’s no turning back!