Sex ed

A bump in the bed is no reason to limit your libido.

In the mood
Unless your doctor advises otherwise, there’s no reason a healthy mom-to-be should avoid sex during pregnancy. For some, the flood of hormones can pique interest in intimacy. For others, discomforts like morning sickness might make sex the last thing on their minds. Over the course of your pregnancy, you’ll probably pitch your tent in both camps. So communicate with your partner, and if the mood strikes, enjoy it.

What about baby
As far as your wee one knows, you’re moving. That’s it. He can’t tell if you’re shimmying to your favorite song or having a romp in the hay, explains Mary Jo Podgurski, RNC, LCCE, FACCE, creator of Lamaze International’s new online course “Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond.” There’s no need to worry about hurting your budding babe, either, she adds—he’s safely tucked away in the amniotic sac, protected by the cervix.

Happy ending
During pregnancy, more blood is flowing around your nether regions, and nerve endings are more sensitive, too, which can heighten the pleasure of an orgasm. You might feel your uterus contract, but don’t worry—sex will not trigger preterm labor, assures Podgurski, who notes that some spotting afterward is not unusual.


Image: / Aleksandar Nakic

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