Eating for conception

After a positive pregnancy test isn’t the time to start eating more healthfully. You should take a closer look at what you’re piling on your plate long before there’s a baby in your belly.

“Certain foods can help to balance your hormones and boost your nutrient reserves, setting the stage for a healthy menstrual cycle and a healthy pregnancy,” explains holistic nutritionist Candice Howarth, an expert on maternal nutrition in San Francisco. Here are four tips to starting your pregnancy off on the right foot, er, foods …

Focus on getting the best quality, certified organic foods you can afford, particularly when it comes to produce and animal products like meat, dairy and eggs.

Start replacing some of your more indulgent eats, like pastries and fried foods, with more produce and healthy fats. For example, nosh on eggs cooked in butter with some arugula and avocado for breakfast, then later in the afternoon enjoy a smoothie with a spoonful each of coconut oil, nuts and hemp seeds.

Get your partner involved in a healthy eating plan, too. Diet affects sperm production, notes Howarth, and in order to produce the strongest, most viable sperm, lots of antioxidant-rich foods are in order.

Sow seeds into your daily diet if you’re not a big fan of veggies. “Seeds are my favorite fertility food—and they’re especially good for the man’s diet, as they help boost healthy sperm production.” Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc; try sprinkling some on yogurt or salads.


By Chantel Newton


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