Labor pain relievers

Whether your birth plan involves staying drug-free or getting an epidural asap, you’ll need some med-free ways to manage the early labor pains while you’re still at home. Ease the ouch with these mom-approved techniques.

Breathing exercises: Focus on inhaling and exhaling to help you feel more in control. alleviate tension with slow, deep breaths.

Walking: Take a walk around the block for some fresh air and to distract yourself from the contractions.

Rocking: Pull out the birthing ball, and use it to sit and sway or kneel and lean over.

Changing positions: Some mamas squat; others are more comfortable on all fours. Move around to find what works for you.

Warmth: Whether it’s a hot water bottle or a warm bath, turning up the heat can soothe those aching muscles. take care not to get overheated, though, which can lower your blood pressure and affect blood flow to your baby.


Images: / VTT Studio

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