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Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps

Top six breast pumps parents approve of

Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps1
Custom fit

Evenflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced, $140
“Deciphering the world of pumping can be daunting, but Evenflo makes it easier with a simple instruction manual that even spells out how to adjust settings (for speed and suction) based on whether you’re waiting for milk to let down or after it already has. This ensures you pump the maximum amount of milk in the shortest amount of time.”

Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps2
Small but mighty

Ameda Purely Yours CarryAll, $180
“The Purely Yours is discreet and comfortable to use. Plus, it’s roughly half the size of the last pump I was trying to cart around! For those who are accident-prone like me, there are convenient bottle holders on top, so you never spill a drop of precious milk.”

Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps3
In the bag

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack, $300
“The Pump In Style Advanced is an outstanding breast pump. It’s effective and easy to use—and for a busy mom who has little free time, effective and easy are key! There’s room for everything in the backpack, from bottles to the included freezer pouch and ice pack, which makes for trouble-free transport.”

Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps4
Power up

Spectra S1, $319
“When the NICU nurses told me I should use a hospital-grade pump,
I imagined an expensive behemoth. Much to my surprise, the S1 offers all the features I needed for a fraction of the price. It’s crazy portable (about the size of a cantaloupe), and the battery lasts for hours.”

Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps5
Technical details

Lansinoh Smartpump, $200
“The Smartpump is designed to mimic baby’s natural feeding patterns, but the best part is the savvy Lansinoh Baby app. It connects with the pump via Bluetooth to track sessions and set reminders. I love having everything logged in one spot.”

Road Test: Parent-approved breast pumps6
Secret agent

Freemie Freedom, $200
“I envisioned Madonna cone boobs and cords all over the place, but the Freedom fits under your shirt. Just slide the collection cups into your sports bra! I had to try it to believe it, but when I was mid-pump and my parents stopped by unexpectedly, they didn’t even notice I was pumping. Success!”