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Gift Guide: Gifts for dad1

Because pulling his weight in the kitchen is one of the many reasons he’s a keeper.
Chez M’Lain half apron, $83

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad2

Because adventure awaits.
Herschel Supply Little America backpack, $100

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad3

Because the woodsy, tangy scent of his well-groomed facial hair
drives mom crazy (in a good way).
Herbivore Botanicals beard tonic, $20

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad4

Because phones have been banned from the bedroom.
Kikkerland alarm clock, $10

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad5

Because he’s a kid at heart
(and because the built-in HD camera could result in some super cool family photos).
TRNDlabs SKEYE mini drone, $99

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad6

Because a more handsome extension cord has never existed.
Rejuvenation extension cord, $79

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad7

Because he just wants to know what the heck is inside all those pouches in the diaper bag.
Amanda Jane Jones x Maptote zip pouch bundle, $50

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad8

Because bedhead past noon isn’t ideal in public—and a shower before then isn’t always possible.
Harding-Lane ball cap, $35

Gift Guide: Gifts for dad9

Because he’ll inevitably be tasked with toy assembly.
Toydriver battery-operated screwdriver, $10

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Gift Guide: Gifts for dad

The surprisingly sentimental dude who’s forever cracking jokes, flipping pancakes and doing whatever it takes to protect his crew.