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Gift guide: Gifts for baby1

Because handmade toys feel extra special.
Manzanita Kids rattle, $16

Gift guide: Gifts for baby2

Because it could easily become an heirloom.
Blabla knit blanket, $84

Gift guide: Gifts for baby3

Because a tiny kitty with an even tinier kitty is the cat’s meow.
Kata Golda plush pal, $48

Gift guide: Gifts for baby4

Because matching your best buddy is as adorable as it gets.
Hazel Village plush fox, $42; baby suspender leggings, $40

Gift guide: Gifts for baby5

Because the illustrations are stunning (and it’s quiet).
Garbo&Friends fabric book, $45

Gift guide: Gifts for baby6

Because everyone’s abuzz about stacking toys.
PBS Kids PlanToys stacker, $20, Whole Foods Market stores

Gift guide: Gifts for baby7

Because stripes and hoodies are a winning combo.
June + January hoodie jumper, $35

Gift guide: Gifts for baby8

Because her fine tuft of hair can finally accommodate a bow.
Pitchoun Designs leather bows, $22 for two

Gift guide: Gifts for baby9

Because learning special characters is nearly
as important as knowing the alphabet.
The Land of Nod activity gym with rattles, $123

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Gift guide: Gifts for baby

The chubby, giggly little human who happily and literally drools over whatever gifts mom carefully curates.

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