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It’s easy as one, two … that’s it! With only two parts to assemble and clean, this BPA-free feeding vessel is a dream.

Born Free Breeze bottle, $7

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Sterilize up to six bottles in full-size mode, or opt for microwave mode to tackle smaller loads in just four minutes.

Chicco NaturalFit 3-in-1 modular sterilizer, $70

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Go out on a limb with a drying rack that’s reserved for baby’s dishes.

BÉABA Tree drying rack, $25

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A warm water bath brings bottles to the just-right temperature. (It’s safe to use with breast milk and baby food, too.)

Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer, $70

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If you’re depending on the dishwasher for cleanup, rely on this handy basket
to keep the bits and pieces contained.

Boon Clutch dishwasher basket, $10

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Add a stainless steel bottlebrush to your countertop to gain utility without sacrificing aesthetics.

Munchkin Shine bottlebrush (with refill brush head), $10

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Portion out your munchkin’s breakfast, lunch and dinner for fast food when you’re on the run.

Philips Avent formula dispenser, $6

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Find a formula for success in this concoction made with milk from New Zealand’s finest 100 percent certified grass-fed cows.

Munchkin grassfed formula, $40

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Often described as a Keurig for tots, this genius machine preps that liquid lunch in seconds at the touch of a button.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro bottle maker, $180

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Catch dribbles and spit-up with a soft muslin burp cloth.

green sprouts multi-purpose cloths, $14 for three

Products & Gear

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Every hour is happy hour thanks to these make-your-life-easier feeding essentials.

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