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Next-day hair, don’t care1

“My new favorite beauty-on-the-fly secret weapon.”

“I’m digging how fresh and static-free my head feels.”

“Up for tackling three days of unwashed hair.”

Next-day hair, don’t care2

“The container is small, but a little goes a long way!”

“I love that they make a shade for dark hair.”

“So happy to have an alterna- tive to aerosol.”

Next-day hair, don’t care3

“Because it’s a paste, I don’t have to worry about breathing in any bad stuff.”

“I liked using this on clean hair to give it volume.”

“Feels like a gritty paste—but in a surprisingly nice way.”

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Next-day hair, don’t care

Practice mane management with dry shampoos that rejuvenate your tresses on days you just can’t fit in a proper shower.