Den mother

Influencer, business owner, wife and mother-of-two, Jessica Hetherington shares her style instincts.

For the hippie-loving Hetherington, it’s no surprise the former model spent her second pregnancy sporting crop tops for her bare belly to soak up the summer. Reminisces the dashing dame, “I love being pregnant. I’m lucky because I feel good while carrying my babies, so I think that helps me feel confident. I’m grateful for that, so I wore what I wanted—and that made me feel good.”


These days, this Jane Birkin-inspired mom’s style tends toward the eclectic, mixing bohemian and feminine with edge. Owning a vintage store when you are a vintage lover yourself can prove hard on the closet. And though she’s often tempted to keep her unique finds, one garment the girl will never part with is overalls, “They are a nursing mama’s best friend!” She lives in well-fitting white T-shirts, high-waisted jeans (“especially after having babies”), and feels her best in a good bra and good posture. And as style-savvy as Hetherington is, she’s equally as aware of her (and her brood’s) influential online presence. “We are way more quirky than we probably look on the ’gram. I don’t ever want to come off as I know it all or have a perfect life in my posts. I’m finding that balance of keeping it real and trying to be uplifting at the same time for my readers. I feel like we are all in this together as women, and I want to be relatable and learn from you, too.”



Girl pup, boy pup: Goldie (5), River (19 months)

There’s no place like home: Bozeman, Montana

Open for business:

Early bird or night owl: Now that I’m a mama, I’m an early bird, but not too early.

Crimson pride: A bright red lipstick—M.A.C’s ruby woo is a favorite.


The name game
When Hetherington met her husband Thomas, she quickly sniffed out his fascination with wolves. The evidence could have been the 30-plus animal-faced T-shirts, or the fierce statues from Tijuana, or the car named Wolfster. Instead of sending him back to his pack, she fell smitten and loved the idea of being a she-wolf to her affectionately named T-wolf. When the couple moved to New York and needed a moniker for their new online shop that best described themselves, nothing sounded sweeter than She and Wolf for this primal pair.

By Erin Shea Long

Images: Courtesy of Jessica Hetherington

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