Adorable Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween (That Are Still Available!)

By Published On: October 26th, 2022

These sweet looks are sure to garner lots of treats.

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are still scrambling to find the perfect costume (don’t worry, we’ve been there!) here are some extra cute looks that are still in stock!

There are several non-negotiables when it comes to baby’s first Halloween costume. It should be extra soft (buh-bye itchy fabrics), either super warm or easy to layer, and there must be a simple way to get to their diaper. (No one needs to be navigating extra ties when dealing with a blowout.) Once those boxes are checked, you’ll want to grab something extra fun and photo-worthy for your little pumpkin’s first time trick-or-treating. Here are our favorite gender-neutral baby Halloween costume ideas for 2022.

It’s Corn!

Take your inspo from the video that made this veggie go viral (and further appreciate these puns about the crop). I mean … just look at this corn costume! It’s got the cuteness you’re looking for, it’s got the juice. Can you imagine a more beautiful thing? Here’s to hoping you have a corntastic Halloween! $60

Storybook Character

If you never want your babe to grow up (or, at least not so fast), this costume grants them free entry to Neverland. Beyond being oh-so cute, this Peter Pan costume (or Patty Pan!) is well thought out. The two-piece set (leggings not included) makes diaper changes easy, and the hat keeps their head warm while trick-or-treating. $60

Feline Friend

A black cat costume that’s so cute, you’ll be OK with it crossing your path! This hooded jumpsuit with a tail and booties will keep your baby nice and warm while out and about. Even if you’re more of a dog person, you’ll want to snuggle up with this cozy little kitty. From $35

Nice as Pumpkin Spice

Your little jack-o’-lantern is sure to be the cutest on the block in this cotton-lined polyester baby pumpkin tank and hat. This fall favorite will never go out of style, so hold onto it for younger siblings, cousins, or friends who need a costume in a pinch. From $24

Spooky Scary Skeleton

Another easy-peasy infant costume is this glow-in-the-dark skeleton bunting. We have no bones to pick with this costume that is bright white during daytime celebrations and glows green when trick-or-treating at dusk. It’s a little touch of Halloween magic that won’t go unappreciated.

Mighty Cute Mollusk

Whether you were inspired by Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, or you grew up on Spongebob Squarepants (Hey, Gary!), you’re sure to love this swirly snail shell and hat. Just pop on the hat and slide the shell over any outfit. The best part: This costume is the cutest way to encourage tummy time! From $72

Baby Bird

Polly want some candy? Having your little parrot babe on your hip is even more fun than a parrot on your shoulder. Let your wee one fly solo in their parrot pullover top or dress as a pirate for the perfect family costume. $25

Candy Time

This costume concept is extra sweet. Inspired by the beloved Hershey’s Kiss, this cute costume is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Pair this stuffed tunic and hat with long sleeves and leggings to keep your little sweetheart toasty while trick-or-treating. Try not to give your kiddo extra smooches in this delicious getup! Mwah! $36

Little Chick

Turn your hatchling into a snuggly little chickadee with this super soft and plush baby chick ensemble. Bonus: This hatching egg costume is also perfect for springtime celebrations, so go ahead and re-wear it while it still fits! $69

Easy as Pumpkin Pie

This bodysuit pant set is less involved than a full infant halloween costume, but still so sweet. Just look at the smiley pumpkin on the tush—gourd have mercy! With a ghost, spider, and candy corn on the onesie, your newborn baby will be in the holiday spirit. At this price point, it’s a perfect option for a daycare seasonal celebration. $22

Rocket Man

Dress them up as a Baby Astronaut because you love them to the moon and back! There’s no doubt the metallic spacesuit and detachable rockets will make your cutie the star of the show. Brownie points for staying on theme and handing out Milky Ways with your little astronaut-in-training. From $55

Your Boo

Step aside, Casper! This is the friendliest ghost we’ve ever seen. Once again, we appreciate a simple yet spooky sleepsack. The best part of this one? Depending on their age, your babbling babe might be able to get fully into character and say “boo!” for their first Halloween. $39

Tootsie Time

I have to be honest …Tootsie Rolls are far from my favorite, but this baby Tootsie Roll costume just might make me a candy convert! The one-piece outfit looks much like a Tootsie Rolls’ packaging, with twist-like edges at baby’s head and feet. Your little one’s tootsies will be covered, but fear not, the bottom has a hook and loop fastener for easy diaper access. $30

Bear Hug

Mama, Dada, What Do You See? I see the cutest brown bear looking at me! How can you resist giving x’s and o’s to this bundled-up baby bear? Cozy rollover cuffs on their hands and feet plus the furry hood on this one-piece fleece bunting costume keep your little cub nice and warm on a chilly fall evening.

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