The short list

Why you shouldn’t skimp on shapewear after birth.

The time has arrived—you’re finally holding your new baby! Between learning how to keep her alive and navigating postpregnancy aches and pains, you may miss an ideal opportunity to help jumpstart your body’s healing process by using shapewear

Best utilized immediately following labor and delivery, shapewear is all about helping you feel better sooner, rather than looking a certain way (though it helps with that, too). Here are just a few reasons to grab a pair to pack in your hospital bag.

1| It helps your stomach to shrink. Recession takes time no matter what, but post-maternity shapewear aids in speeding up the process.

2| It lends excellent abdominal support. Your body just went through the wringer, equalling a greater effort than finishing a triathlon! Back ache, diasastis recti and other issues can benefit from shapewear. Your bod needs all the TLC it can get.

Wink Shapewear recovery garments

3| It assists with cesarean recovery. C-section mommies will appreciate the barrier between stitches/wounds and everyday clothing. (And again, abdominal support is crucial.)

4| It’s a built-in confidence booster. Your body just did something miraculous and has the wear and tear to prove it. Sagging skin and out-of-place parts may prove to be bothersome from time to time. If you desire to feel a bit more tucked, taut and centered, shapewear can help.

5| It reminds you to sit up straight. If you’re like us, posture was probably a problem before having a baby, too. Straighten up with postpartum shapewear to develop a better habit that also improves breastfeeding positions.

Quality shapewear will complement your recovery and enhance your experience as a new mom. Our pick is Wink Shapewear, a woman-owned full line of recovery and trimming garments to help you feel and look your best from birth and beyond. 


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