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Best seat in the house Parenting

Best seat in the house

Whether you opt for a rocker or glider, choose a chair you're sure to love.

Between feeding, reading and snuggle sessions, you’re bound to clock some substantial time sitting in the nursery. To pick a seat that’s sure to satisfy long-term, Ralph Montemurro, CEO, founder and head of design of Monte, a modern nursery furniture company, suggests asking these questions when considering candidates.

  1. Does the quality meet your expectations? Are you looking for a chair that is built to last or something more temporary?
  2. Does it meet your desires for comfort? Bear in mind a super cushiony chair does not necessarily mean it will be the most supportive over a longer period of time.
  3. How easy is the fabric to clean? Spills and spit-up are inevitable with a baby in the picture.
  4. Does the chair match your design aesthetic? Do you want a colorful seat that pops or a more neutral style that blends in?
  5. Will the chair stay in the nursery or move to another room in your home as baby grows?