Balancing act

Being a mom often means being a pro juggler, so we asked some of our favorite bloggers to share how they keep all their plates spinning.

Liesemeyer“I finally invested in a good planner and set aside times of the day for work and the rest for my family. Instead of a constant nagging to-do list, I know there will be time to address it later. It allows me to really be present with my family when I can, and it turns out those set aside times for phone calls, social media or design work end up being twice as productive.”
—Anna Liesemeyer, mom of four,

KlennerI’ve learned to let myself take my time in the mornings and try to bank as much sleep as I can while Hazel sleeps. That way I’m a lot more efficient with my time and can then spend the rest of my day getting work done while she naps. A huge nugget of advice given to me before she was born was to not completely change my life to adapt to baby, but to let her fit into my life. It helps a lot with letting me keep doing what I love.
—Tegan Klenner, mom of one,

MerrickLearn to say ‘no.’ If you put too much on your plate, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, and then nothing gets done well and everything takes twice as long as it should. Being a working mom is hard stuff, and piling extra and unnecessary things on your plate is never worth it. Make sure you take time to keep yourself happy and spend time with those kiddos.
—Merrick White, mom of two (soon to be three),

GurubathamI would say that your children come first no matter what. Jobs will come and go, and the stress that we feel about them will one day be in the past. But the way we make our children feel is something we will live with forever. I don’t ever want to regret that time I didn’t read that book to my daughter or play with my son.
—Tatiana Gurubatham, mom of two,

MarkgrafGive it time. I think every new mom wants to jump in feet first and figure it all out right away, but it’s just not possible to accomplish everything you once did while also learning the ins and outs of motherhood. It’s funny to think of the simple tasks that overwhelmed me in the first few months after having my son. Eventually I learned how to let some things go and how to get more efficient at the things that mattered.
—Amelia Markgraf, mom of two,

OakesThe biggest thing that helps me maintain my work-life balance is remembering why I do what I do. Remembering the big picture. Knowing that at the end of the day I get to step away from the computer and snuggle up with my baby girl and be a full-time mom.
—Jess Oakes, mom of one,

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