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The anatomy of a diaper rash Baby Care

The anatomy of a diaper rash

It can be a real pain in the rear, but diaper rash is manageable when you know what’s to blame. Here’s what to look for next time it appears …

1| Is baby’s booty clean? Be mindful of creases, folds and even places that look clean. Check that you got everything, and then check again.

2| Got good wipes? All wipes have preservatives, which can irritate the skin. Pick a quality wipe with gentle ingredients, and avoid alcohol at all costs.

3| Pick a premium diaper balm. For best bets (and butts) choose a non-toxic formula. Balms are designed to stay on the skin, protecting delicate skin for longer. Earth Mama Organics is the No. 1 selling diaper balm, and they make all baby products with the cleanest and safest herbal ingredients. Each one goes through stringent testing and is dermatologist-tested for optimal quality and performance.

4| Check baby’s menu. Have you recently added something new to her diet? A baby’s digestive system is delicate, so the introduction of new items can sometimes cause problems.

5| Is she sprouting teeth? Teething can often be blamed for changes in bowel consistency, color and smell. Keep extra diapers on hand, and don’t delay in changing them out more frequently during this time.

6| Is it the diaper? Disposable diapers can have added chemicals, so if you’re noticing a reaction, consider switching to another brand or giving cloth diapering a try.

7| Don’t forget yeast. Yeast thrives in warm, moist areas that are relatively low in oxygen—like a diaper. Also, if a breastfeeding mama or her baby is taking antibiotics, they’re more likely to get a yeast infection. If you suspect an infection, make sure to get it treated by a doctor asap. 

This post was made in partnership with Earth Mama Organics, a line of mindfully-made baby products we trust on our own babies.