Right on cue

Your bitty babe might not be able to speak up and tell you he’s ready for solid fare, but his growing body is saying more than you might think.

Watch for these four signs to know when it’s time to add a few purees to your mini’s menu.

1 | Sits up well without support. Your hungry hippo can hold his head up and sit unassisted— two things that are necessary for his perch in the highchair, where he’ll be well-positioned for safe swallowing and easy digestion.

2 | Shows an interest in food. Maybe he’ll stare intently, or maybe he’ll try to swipe some of your afternoon snack. But there will come a day when your little one pays close attention to what’s on your plate. Until then, if baby is perfectly content with a breast or bottle, leave him be.

3 | Has lost the tongue-thrust reflex. Also known as the “extrusion reflex,” this refers to a newborn’s automatic response to push food (or even mom’s finger—if you want a quick test) out of his mouth using his tongue. It gradually disappears after 4 months.

4 | Practices the pincer grasp. Using his index finger and thumb, your kiddo might be learning to pick up smaller items—an essential skill for self-feeding. Believe it or not, he’ll soon be grabbing puffs with ease.

Image: iStock.com

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