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If the shoe fits … Baby Care

If the shoe fits …

Three expert tips for selecting your toddling tot’s first pair of kicks.

1. Choose wisely.
“First shoes should be lightweight and flexible to best allow your baby to learn coordination skills,” says Ben Spitalnick, MD, FAAP, president of the Georgia chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Think cloth or soft leather with a nonskid sole.

2. Get measured.
“Have a professional measure your baby’s foot to help ensure correct fit, and be sure to measure both feet, as there may be a small difference,” advises Spitalnick, who adds you should select a pair based on the foot that measures bigger.

3. Size up as needed.
“Every month you can do the ‘thumb test’ to see if he’s outgrown his shoes,” Spitalnick explains. After all, those chubby feet will grow quickly! “If you pinch the tip of the shoe, your baby’s longest toe should be about an adult thumb’s width from the front of the shoe.”