How to swaddle a baby

Many babies are comforted—and less grumpy—when they’re swaddled.

When using a swaddle, always do so safely. Should a blanket come unwrapped, it becomes a suffocation hazard, so baby shouldn’t be left unattended. Put him down to sleep on his back—and wean him off the wrap before he learns to roll over (around the 2-month mark), so he doesn’t turn onto his tummy and get stuck face down without his arms to help him roll back over. Finally, keep the swaddle loose around the hips to prevent hip dysplasia; baby’s legs should be able to bend up and out at all times.

Spread a large, lightweight blanket (muslin is a popular choice) on a flat surface.

swaddle0STEP 2:
Fold the top corner of the blanket down to form a triangle. Place baby in the center of the triangle, with his shoulders just below the fold.

swaddle1STEP 3:
Place baby’s right arm, slightly bent at the elbow, flat against his body. Take the left side of the wrap and bring it across your baby’s chest, tucking the edge of the wrap under his body.

swaddle2STEP 4:
Pull the bottom of the wrap up, and tuck the fabric into the top of the swaddle.

swaddle3STEP 5:
Bring the right side of the wrap across baby’s chest, tucking the fabric underneath to secure it.swaddle5



By Sarah Granger


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