How to create a safe crib space

You and your little one will both rest easy when you’re confident she’s snoozing in a baby-friendly environment.

Follow these simple steps to minimize potential sleep pitfalls.

1. Choose a crib that’s in tip-top shape.
Current standards require crib rails to be no more than 2 3⁄8 inches apart. The mattress should fit perfectly inside it, with no gaps between the mattress and crib walls. Ensure the finish of the crib is intact (no chipping paint or splintering wood), and remember that drop-side cribs are a no-no.

2. Keep it free of loose items.
Pull a fitted sheet over the mattress, and leave it at that. Extra blankets, pillows and bedding can pose a risk for suffocation, strangulation and entrapment, as can toys and stuffed animals. Dress baby in fitted pajamas, and use a wearable blanket if she needs an extra layer to keep warm.

3. Place it away from potential hazards.
Position the crib away from any windows or radiators to avoid drafts or overheating, and make sure there are no blind cords or drapery nearby that could wrap around baby’s neck. If you’re using a monitor that requires cords, put it out of reach by mounting it on the wall or keeping it on a dresser.


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