Easy does it

What to do when it's time for food.

Ready to introduce your baby to more than milk? Set yourself up for success with these recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Talk him through it
Your munchkin might not know what to do at first, but do your best to put him at ease with friendly chatter. Try something like, “Mmm, carrots!” “These are mommy’s favorite.”

Whet his appetite
Give your hungry hippo a bit of formula or breast milk before offering small half-spoonfuls of food, and follow up with more milk afterward. With a snack ahead of time, he’s less likely to grow frustrated due to an empty belly.

Don’t force it
If your tot cries or turns away as you feed him, take his cues to heart. It’s OK to return to formula or breast milk exclusively for a bit before giving solids another go. He’ll let you know when he’s ready.

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