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Micuna OVO

"I’ve been a longtime admirer of the Micuna OVO, so when I found out the Spanish company would begin distributing its stunning line of baby gear in the U.S., I decided to get pregnant immediately. Kidding! But when I did get pregnant, I knew the OVO was at the top of my list when it came to choosing a highchair."

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver

"When they were younger, I was able to recline my twins back safely and easily to begin rice cereal feedings. Now that they're older, they sit in an upright position, and we use the five-point harness to ensure they're secure."

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

"I love the chair’s design, appearance and the option to customize it with accessories. The ability of the chair to grow with my child as well as the easy-to-clean design make this an ideal highchair in my opinion. This is a piece of furniture that will be in my kitchen for years."

Bloom Nano Highchair

"The super-sized adjustable feeding tray on the nano is wonderful for all mealtime essentials to stay in place. The deep lip surrounding the tray helps keep dishes and silverware from sliding onto the floor and spills at bay for easy clean up … which is perfect since I am about 38 weeks pregnant with baby No. 2, and cleaning things up off of the floor is less then desirable these days."

Chicco Polly Progress Relax Highchair

"One of the best things about the chair was that it came with a toy bar, which can be easily removed. We are a family who still eats dinner at the table together every night with our 13-year old son. The highchair in the newborn position with the toy bar will allow our new baby to be at the table with us and entertained while we eat."

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