Boon CARE health and grooming kit


"This handy kit contains everything you might need to keep your wee one in tip-top shape. My baby is 6 months old now, and we have used every item—some on a regular basis."

Boon CARE health and grooming kit2018-01-24T15:23:27-05:00

Naturalmat Quilted Latex Mat


"I love that while my son is resting easy (literally) I can, too, knowing that he is snoozing on natural and safe materials."

Naturalmat Quilted Latex Mat2018-01-24T16:26:54-05:00

OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin


"Never again will I have to spend more than a second or two bent over clearing the bath water of playthings. My back is so relieved!"

OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin2018-01-24T16:52:57-05:00

Rhoost babyproofing products


"Once I had the Rhoost products installed in my new house, I barely even noticed they were there! Having a more stylish baby-proofing option was a nice way to get settled without compromising on the safety factor."

Rhoost babyproofing products2018-01-26T17:39:41-05:00

Chicco NaturalFit Bottles


"These bottles have an angled nipple, which Chicco touts as being designed for the way newborns latch on to the breast ... I would have to agree that the way my baby's mouth looks while she's eating from the bottle is similar to the way it looks when she's latched onto the breast."

Chicco NaturalFit Bottles2018-02-13T03:20:43-05:00
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