Greentom Upp Reversible

"The brand is touted as one of the greenest baby gear manufacturers, with sustainably made frames and fabrics made from recycled drinking bottlers. They'll even recycle the stroller for your when you're through with it!"

Going for walks with my daughter, spending time together enjoying nature, was one of the things I most looked forward to when I was pregnant and dreaming up our daily activities. My husband and I both grew up in active families, so we were eager to get out, explore and share the world with our little one. We knew we would need the appropriate gear to make it easy to get out of the house with a baby in tow, even if it was just down the block to the coffee shop on Saturday morning.

Greentom-7When we first unpacked the Greentom Upp Reversible, the first thing I noticed was how lightweight it is. I was able to put the stroller together, with no assistance, in less than 10 minutes with just a few references of the easy-to-read instruction manual. As I wheeled the stroller down the hall on its first test run, the recycled polypropene frame was easy to steer and the wheels were easy to maneuver.

Out and about in the neighborhood, the stroller does great with our old, uneven sidewalks. It’s no big deal to navigate around sidewalk potholes and up and down curbs (you know the wheelie move!) when the stroller is so easy to handle. The front wheels have 360-degree range of motion, allowing for quick turns, and the back wheels are stationary, providing stability.

The recommended age for the Upp Reversible is 6 months to 2.5 years, so we started using this stroller when our daughter hit the 6-month mark and started sitting up on her own. She’s absolutely loving the comfy seat and the new view. I love looking down to see her peering around the sides of the stroller taking in her surroundings. As its name suggests, the seat is reversible, so my little lady can either face me or face the world, depending on what we’re doing and how we’re feeling.

The safety straps lay in the right places without rubbing and irritating, yet they’re tight and secure. The minimal design makes it easy for a full, peripheral vision view of our walks around the neighborhood. The hood is surprisingly large, big enough to cover her whole seat, and easy to extend it and retract as we walk.

Greentom-3Aesthetically, I absolutely love the look of the thin frame and modern colors (so many to choose from!). This stroller is definitely an eye-catcher in the neighborhood!

Practically, the storage basket underneath is a little small for my liking, but it’s an appropriate size for the frame. Plus, if the basket was any larger, I would surely weigh it down with my giant diaper bag!

GreentomUppReversible-1The brand is touted as one of the greenest baby gear manufacturers, with sustainably made frames and fabrics made from recycled drinking bottlers. They’ll even recycle the stroller for your when you’re through with it! Because there tends to be a good bit of waste involved with having a baby (and I’m not just talking dirty diapers), I like knowing that Greentom is making and eco-conscious effort to take care of our planet.

The Greentom Reversible stroller is a solid choice for an easygoing, city-exploring stroller meant for neighborhood walks. It’s not a workout to push this stroller up a hill like our other heftier stroller, this model is your best bet for a Saturday morning stroll to the coffee shop or to the neighborhood farmers market. With an attractive design and modern eco-friendly materials, I find myself reaching for our new Greentom Upp Reversible every weekend!

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By Whitney

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