Cosatto Supa Dupa

"I loved how lightweight the stroller felt to push around and how it fit easily through standard doorways. The stroller has two side handles as well as a middle handle, which made the ride feel sturdier and more maneuverable."

One of the many life lessons I have learned as a mom is that all kid gear is not created equal. When it comes to strollers, the right one can either make that trip to the zoo seamless and comfy or meltdown city. Seemingly small things like cargo space, weight and wheel size can make a big difference in your parent life! So, when we were in the market for a new side-by-side umbrella stroller for our 2-year-old, 4-year-old and baby on the way, we knew this was a serious purchase. This stroller would need to pull double, er, triple, duty and hold up to the test of many a toddler antics.

cosattosupadupa1The Cosatto Supa Dupa Side by Side Double Stroller lived up to the test. Right from the start, the Supa Dupa was making my life easier. Assembly was a breeze, tool-free, and took me about 15 minutes before we were ready for our first test drive around the block. My chosen pattern, a gender-neutral print called “Cuddle Monster,” was super cute and an instant hit with both my girl and boy. The available Cosatto prints are fanciful, attractive, and unique and complement the stroller’s sleek design. Unlike many umbrella-type strollers, the Supa Dupa is really sturdy and the fabric is high-quality and provides ample cushion.

The Supa Dupa has two separate seats that can recline independently with a one-handed multirecline so one child can nap or chill separately. You can also adjust the handles and each calf rest independently. The kids liked being snuggled up side by side but, importantly, each had their own space and plenty of room. The max capacity is for two babies or kids and you can’t add or subtract seats. Also, while you can’t snap in a car seat frame, stroller does include two newborn nesters that you could use for infants from birth.

As my kids hopped in we explored more of the features. The seats are really comfortable and pop off for easy wash. Within minutes one of our seats was covered in red popsicle which wiped off easily without any staining. The rain/sun shades have ample extension providing coverage from the elements or a snooze on the go. A peekaboo window lets you check in on the child without disturbing their slumber.

My kids’ favorite feature was the Supa Dupa’s multimedia gadget pocket with speaker plus ‘Window-on-the-World’ hood display pockets that could house flash cards, photos or a small video screen. You also get two separate reversible Cosy Toes with zip-off liners that were like little cuddly sleeping bags on the go. A sturdy standard-size cup holder snaps easily to either side of the stroller and two soft insulated bottle carriers kept my kids’ water bottles cool for hours.

cosattosupadupa6As our go-to stroller, the Supa Dupa was pushed to the limits this past summer on trips to the park, pool, walks, aquarium, and zoo. The kids sat comfortably in it for extended periods of time without complaints. I loved how lightweight the stroller felt to push around and how it fit easily through standard doorways. The stroller has two side handles as well as a middle handle, which made the ride feel sturdier and more maneuverable.

Because of the two separate storage cargo baskets, my standard-size diaper bag didn’t fit underneath the stroller, but I could easily load towels, lunch bags and other necessary gear. The wheels rolled seamlessly over most terrain including city streets and parks, and, while not meant as a jogging stroller, the Supa Dupa handled its share of “off-roading” on a short nature trail. The foot brakes were easy to engage and disengage even in my summer flip-flops or bare feet.

cosattosupadupa5The Supa Dupa folds up easily in one piece with a one-push lever feature. Once folded and locked, the stroller is freestanding, which facilitates loading it into the car truck. Despite its lightweight aluminum frame, the Supa Dupa is a little heavier than I expected, but the carrying handle helps you get a decent grip on the stroller for loading and unloading.

If you are in search of a double stroller to take your two little ones from birth through their toddler years, the Supa Dupa is an excellent choice. Its versatility coupled with the high product quality ensures that it will last for years as your kids grow and needs change.

Price: $500
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By Denise

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